UNCC Student Voluntarily Committed to Hospital After Saying He Wants to “Shoot Up” School

A student at UNC Charlotte was voluntarily committed to a mental health facility after saying that he wants to shoot up his school.

The comment was made during a visit with a doctor. The student told the doctor that he loves watching humans get killed. He also stated that he has been repeatedly watching videos of school shootings such as Columbine and analyzing them. He determined, while watching the videos, that the students did not plan the incidents well enough. The student then told the doctor that wants to “shoot up” the university.

Following these statements, police were notified. Officers obtained a search warrant, and the student was removed from campus and then admitted to a mental health facility for evaluation.

Police told the community that no actual threat exists at this time, but that investigations involving both officers on a state and local level, and authorities in the university are taking place out of an abundance of caution.

The community will be informed when he 20-year-old is released from the facility.

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