Update On Meth Lab Charge

Tuesday we reported about a meth lab that police basically stumbled upon. You can read the first reporting here.

Police have released more information on this story. The two charged are residents at the home, which is near the Winthrop University campus on Ebenezer Avenue Extension in Rock Hill. Twenty nine year old Corey Catoe and his girlfriend, Brooke Brandon, are both being charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute approximate to school, manufacturing methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine with intent to distribute approximate to school, and possession with intent to distribute.

According to police, a 32 ounce plastic Gatorade bottle was seized. The bottle was holding more than 100 grams of liquid meth that had not yet been converted. Several more chemicals and gas generators were also taken.

There were two other women at the home during the warrant service, but no charges were filed against them. None of the four people are students at the university.

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