Woman Arrested for Hitting 81-year-old Neighbor With Shovel

Patsy ParhamA McConnells woman has been arrested and charged Tuesday after she allegedly hit her 81-year-old neighbor with a shovel.

Patsy Parham, 65, was charged with assault and entry onto another person’s lands or pasture after notice charges after she had allegedly hit her rural western York County neighbor, Joe Mack McCoy, 81, with a shovel two weeks prior.

Parham was held briefly at the York County Detention Center and then released on a personal recognizance bond, jail and arrest records show.

According to McCoy, he had been shooting a gun and riding his four-wheeler in McConnells, south of York, on his True Road property on May 15 when he said Parham attacked him with a shovel.

According to the incident report, Parham had claimed the attack was in self-defense and said they McCoy pointed his gun and Parham and her dog.

The feud between Parham and McCoy has been ongoing for 20 years and both parties initially didn’t press charges against the other, according to a police report.

However, on May 20 McCoy asked police to re-open the case because Parham was on his property with her dog. McCoy also showed bruises to police that he said were from being hit with a shovel.

Police took pictures of McCoy’s bruises and started the investigation that led to Parham’s arrest on Tuesday, according to a supplemental report from the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Court records also show that Parham had tried to get a restraining order against McCoy twice in 2003.

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