Woman Brings Knife and Drugs Onto Elementary School Property

A woman in Gaston County has been arrested after bringing both a knife and drugs onto school property.

The incident occurred at McAdenville Elementary School on Monday. According to Gaston County police, 35-year-old Heather Marie Martin, a resident of 131 Forest Heights Drive in McAdenville, was found in possession of a knife, marijuana, a plastic baggie, and a silver pill container on school property.

Martin was also found in possession of hydrocodone, Lorazepam, and Xanax.

The suspect is no stranger of the law, with previous felony drug convictions in Gaston County. At the time of her arrest, she also had outstanding warrants in Richmond County for probation violation related to these prior convictions.

As a result of the incident, Martin was arrested and placed into custody at Gaston County Jail with a bond of $20,000.

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