Woman Held At Gunpoint at Local Mall

Shoppers at South Park Mall are disconcerted after a woman was held at gunpoint while in the parking lot of the mall.

The incident happened in the south Charlotte shopping center known as South Park Mall earlier this week. The victim had intended to go to the mall to shop for shoes during broad daylight, but was stopped by a suspect as she exited her vehicle.

According to the Talia Breeze, the suspect shouted at her to not move as she got out of her car. He then held her at gunpoint and demanded money from her. The suspect robbed her of several hundred dollars before fleeing the scene.

Police say this is only one of several violent crimes that have occurred at South Park Mall in recent weeks. This upsurge in crime has been attributed to increased shoppers due to the approach of the holidays. The crimes have ranged from smaller incidents, to the theft of up to $27,000 worth of property earlier this year.

In a recent statement, the mall assured shoppers that their first priority is safety. The mall’s response has been 24-hour patrol around the outside of the mall, CCTV, and the availability of an escort to an from vehicles.

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