York County Warehouse Robbed of Thousands of Toiletries

Police are investigating after a warehouse in York County was robbed of thousands of toiletries this week.

Police were called to the site of the crime on Monday after several people connected with the business noticed damage to one of the roll-up doors on the warehouse. The business, which is located near Andrew Tucker road and S.C. 51, had been subject to the theft of a large amount of toiletry items such as Axe deodorants and hair products in the “Sexy Hair” line. The thieves stole facial cleansers and other skin treatments, along with three computers and mouses, three printers, two speakers, and other miscellaneous items.

In all, 2,061 items were stolen, which amounted to around $15,000 in losses. In addition, damages to the door will cost the business an additional $4,000 in repairs.

Investigations are now taking place, but detectives have not said whether they have any leads on potential suspects at this time.

Anyone with information can contact at 1-877-409-4321.

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